[CANCELLED] An Acid Memory: Ivan Smagghe + Scott Fraser (all Night Long)

  • 18th April w. Ivan Smagghe I first met Ivan through Jonnie and Keith from Optimo. Since moving to London, I have gone on to spend more time getting to know him as we have a few mutual friends. We have discovered that we have lots of common musical ground and the love of a decent Guinness. I’ve always had the utmost respect for his singular ideas around what a DJ should be, and the diverse musical output he has produced and been involved in over the years. In particular, his radio output which has always offered up challenging music in a cohesive and interesting manner. Amazingly we’ve never DJ’d together in a club before, this is another reason why I felt that this one had to be the first night of these new parties. __________________________ An Acid Memory Electronic music very much changed the path of my life. I’ve been constantly inspired by the artists I have met over the years, and many of them have become great friends. Time moves on but the memories of those original connections are always with me. I’ve always had the idea in mind of putting on a regular party that celebrates these lasting friendships, from Glasgow to London and further beyond. A night that would gather the musical strands that brought us together over the years, creating something new and at the same time hopefully inspiring others as it did for me. Music is a powerful force for good that brings us together, something that is arguably more important now than it has ever been. 2020 seems like the right time to bring together these ideas at Peckham Audio. The formula is simple, two friends, their music, a DJ box and a dance floor. Hope you can join us.
  • [CANCELLED] An Acid Memory: Ivan Smagghe + Scott Fraser (all Night Long) - Flyer front