Children of the Drum

  • Dear friends of irrationality. We already knew it. "Weekend" is nothing more but the logical unit of rational thinking people. It's supposed to create clarity and order. Order between dance and non-dance. Luckily, this Tuesday we have the Dresden genre and system blaster Children Of The Drum as our guests to emphasize our pure unreasonableness. There's a lot of space between disco and techno - even on Tuesdays. Whether MINimal or MAXimal - it doesn't matter at all. In this sense, here's to good neighbourhood. ██ 20% Warm-Up w/ Eros Miguel// MODEM:39 // B ███ 40% Marcel Koar// Children Of The Drum w/ Eros Miguel & Morris F &Pangaea • urwaldzirkus//DD ████ 60% Moritz Schlieb// Children Of The Drum // DD █████ 80% Morris F// Mntra // B ██████ 100% Bar from 8pm. Drum roll from 10pm. no hate, just love ♥
  • Children of the Drum - Flyer front