[CANCELLED] Mézigue ~ mhmm

  • To mark our third year in existence, and to properly close out our last date at Toldi this season, we’re returning to our house music roots with the debut of cheeky frenchman Mézigue. The masked DJ has been beaming his music from the streets of Paris to the world for the past five years. Besides his memorable sets packed with under-appreciated timeless classics, he’s become widely known for his own productions, most of which were released with D.KO Records, the impressive crew he co-founded. His second album titled Le Meilleur Titre Pour Un Album was released in the fall (translation: The best title for an album): 🤹‍♂️ soundcloud.com/collectif-dko/dkolp06-mezigue-le-meilleur-titre-pour-un-album To delve deeper into his musical repertoire: 📀 soundcloud.com/meziguepaname We’re hoping to capture part of the essence of this Boiler Room: ⛑ youtube.com/watch?v=KOiXQo6MpOg D.KO Records - funky crew, a bunch of wonderful house music 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 soundcloud.com/collectif-dko The dance floor will be opened up for our french headliner by our founder Drizzy. He has always loved opening sets, due to his affinity for easy, melodic, story telling tracks. For such a classic mhmm house night, and the warm up of our last Toldi residency of the season, we are particularly keen to hear what music he's on these days, maybe get a glimpse into what bookings are coming up in the next year 🔊🔊🔊 To end the night right we invited our favourite young genre-bender CT Kidobó, so he can take us wherever comes naturally after our headliners ghetto house and breaks. He’s had an active couple of months, releasing his debut EP 'Exterminador' on Hungarian stalwart Dalmata Daniel, while also appearing with tracks on Farbwechsel, EXILES, and ELEVATED compilations. He has also recently formed a production duo with fellow local beam of light LAU, playing live, with a joint project release on the horizon. We finish this night off with two hours in his world. 🔌 soundcloud.com/ctkidobo 📺 instagram.com/ctkidobo/ 23 - 01 Drizzy 01 - 03 Mézigue 03 - 05 CT Kidobó mhmm 🔥 🎨 Cover design: Hakkel Dániel Pre-sale: 1000 Super Early Bird (15x) 1500 Early Bird (15x) 2000 First Release (20x) 2500 Standard Advance (50x) On the door: 1500 < 00:00 < 2500
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