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Wharf Chambers
Wed, 23 Jun
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    Savvy, Rido, Patrick Zella, DanCook
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  • Sourced from the depths of the Detroit electronic music scene, GhettoTech combines techy beats with the sexually explicit lyrical content reminiscent of Miami’s BootyBass. More than a genre, ghettoTech is a style of djing. In comparison to its house, dnb etc counterparts, GhettoTech djing involves mixing multiple genres with one another. Including the likes of Jungle, HipHop, Electro and Detroit Techno. A prominent reference throughout tracks of the genre is the ‘Jit’. A style of dance evolved in part from HipHop. Consisting of fast footwork spins and drops. While sounding very similar to B-boying or breakdancing, the DetroitJit differs in the fast paced 150-160bpm Techy beat of GhettoTech.
  • APHRODISIAC - Flyer front