• CANCELLATION NOTICE: We’re sad to announce that we will be cancelling our upcoming SEQUENCE event on March 28, 2020. The well-being of our community is paramount, and we believe it to be the most prudent, sensible, and responsible move to cancel our event. Ticket holders will be notified by Resident Advisor regarding refunds. --- SEQUENCE_Mala Junta - March 28 2020 / 10:00PM - 6:00AM Washington, DC TBA. Location address will be sent on the day of the event with ticket purchase and/or by RSVP. PROGRAM: D.Dan (Lobster Theremin, Mala Junta / Berlin - USA) Hyperaktivist (MESS, Mala Junta / Berlin - Venezuela) DJ TOOL (Fastforward, Mala Junta / Berlin - Copenhagen) Damon Bradley (Technofist / DC) Sound by Grand Ancestor --- Did you have a good time at the last function? Well watch out… we’re about to be in bad company. If the SPANK’ing at the last SEQUENCE affair left you sore, brace yourself for a real bruiser of a party: we’re welcoming Berlin-based riotstarters Mala Junta to wreak rave havoc across a wild night of fast-paced mayhem. Meaning “bad company” or “bad behaviour” in Spanish, Mala Junta is a promise - it’s a guarantee that you’re in for a rowdy, rambunctious time. The Mala Junta team set out to carve out a unique, nurturing niche in Berlin’s underground by building a queer-centered, community-oriented affair. The Mala Junta pushes the limits of what’s possible between the established institutions of Berlin nightlife, working with other teams to find new homes for queer, underground adventures. The Mala Junta crew members all specialize in a fast, funky, and groovy old-school techno flow, deftly ripping through breaks, hard-edged slammers, and psychedelic trance infusions. Three techno specialists step up for our main-room blowout: D.Dan, Hyperaktivist, and DJ Tool. Technofist operator Damon Bradley will set the pace for the night, tapping into the electrified energy of his recently-minted Katalyst project. --- Absolutely zero tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, non-consensual touching, leering, or any other oppressive behavior. Offenders will be dealt with immediately. 21+ with valid government-issued ID. Questions/Info - Email to [email protected]
  • [CANCELLED] SEQUENCE_ Mala Junta - Flyer front
    [CANCELLED] SEQUENCE_ Mala Junta - Flyer back