[POSTPONED] Na:Ku Festival by Zamna

  • The main objective of Na:Ku is to raise funds to help resolve Tulum's garbage problem and extend the life of the new landfill cell while the administration prepares a long-term solution. Event tickets will be available in exchange for contributions to reach the goal. ARTISTS THAT PARTICIPATE: ART: (a-z) Alan Sonfist, Andrés Amador, Angel Cañas, Bordalo II, Carlos Pulido, Didiel Klöver, Elina Mansurova, Farid Rueda, Fred Martin, Hula Sean Yoro, Janis Worldbridger, Jayson Fann, Jon Foreman, Juan Canfield, Julio Nieto, Luigi Stinga, Richard Silling, Spencer Biles, Thomas Iser & more TBA MUSIC: (a-z) Ameme, Ángel Báez, Antonio Ponti, Babayaga, Boho, Cellini, Digital Bath, Ditian, Father & Son, Fildoc, Golden Hour, Hyenah, Igor Vicente, In-Anima, Just Emma, Kawas, K.E.E.N.E, Kevin Di Serna, Lyke, Metrika, MoM, Øostil, Perenne, Shosho, Shubostar, Sirsax, Theus Mago, Toto Chiavetta & more TBA This event takes place in different venues in Tulum. More info coming soon. www.zamnafestival.com
  • [POSTPONED] Na:Ku Festival by Zamna - Flyer front
    [POSTPONED] Na:Ku Festival by Zamna - Flyer back