Stacey Pullen

  • Time and again Stacey Pullen has proven that he is a true wizard with supreme track selection, cleverly juxstaposing different styles and demonstrating superior technical prowess. Just check out his legendary mix in the DJ Kicks series or last year's cleverly-titled album 'Today Is The Tomorrow You Were Promised Yesterday'. Stacey will be playing a marathon four hour set taking in all genres. Previously he blew the roof off at Sublime Pitt St, rocked it at Home's Olympic relocation in Manning Bar, Sydney Uni and had an awesome performance at Home again last year. This show will be in a more intimate environment, which is ideal for his sound as there is a real vibe that he feeds off playing in a well laid-out club.
    • Cost
      Tickets only $20. Members $15. Industry members $10. Nowhere else will you see such an exceptional international for such a small entry fee.
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