Earth Night 2020: Los Angeles

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    EARTH NIGHT 2020_ Hosted by: Midnight Lovers Rick Trainor Michelle Leshem Inbal Lankry Stacy Christine John Bryers Midnight Lovers DJs
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  • We’re thrilled to announce our participation in #EARTHNIGHT2020, the global initiative sparked by @DJs4CA. We’ll be hosting one of 50 (or more) events taking place over the last weekend of April to honor the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. As an EARTH NIGHT party, we’ve pledged to use our platform to raise funds for some powerful climate-centered projects and will inspire partygoers to address the Climate Crisis. We have witnessed the power of collective action, and are TAKING TO THE CLUBS to party with purpose! We hope you’ll join us. Keep an eye on this space for details about our own event, and check out for more about the initiative.
  • Earth Night 2020: Los Angeles - Flyer front
    Earth Night 2020: Los Angeles - Flyer back