B A G with Charonne - Sydney Secret Warehouse

  • Venue
    Warehouse Secret Location
    • Inner West Secret Location
  • Date
    Sat, 7 Mar 2020
    22:00 - 05:00
  • Attending
    • 4
  • Retro-futurism. How can modern art be as retro as it is futuristic? The concept inspires artists, designers, musicians, and filmmakers alike - as they channel the technological dreams of a démodé age into their current work with stunning precision. Reviving the ideals of a time passed whilst all-at-once sustaining a secure future for the chosen medium, young Parisian duo - Charonne - present a intense, far-reaching passion for music. The co-founders of highly regarded imprint Rakya have a keen interest in dispensing their signature modern approach to the sounds informing generations of dance music before them. With timeless EPs on Automatic Writing, Partisan and their own imprint, Rakya - they are fully immersed in a riveting sub-sector of electronic music that builds upon countless areas of influence from around the world and across multiple decades. It's all at once cybernetic, futuristic, and retro, whilst engendering this inexplicable feeling, an all-encompassing flavour which does not restrict in taste. If you've been lucky enough to catch Charonne command floors in Europe, you can confirm the pair's contagious energy when they step up to the podium.. Due to the high volume of demand we experience in each and everyone of the BAG gatherings, we strongly advise securing your spot by buying tickets ASAP. Message the BeAvantGarde page for the password to access ticket purchases. LIMITED set of Early Birds are on sale now for $20. The password we reply to you with will expire in thirty minutes. ══ Lineup ══ ⟜ Charonne - Music ⟜ Matt Weir ⟜ Bortzo ⟜ louís ══ Eventbrite ══ Make sure to message BeAvantGarde for the password to access eventbrite! https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/96365462693/ ══ Info ══ - Doors 10pm 🕒 - BYO 🍻 - Discreet arrival 🤐 - No Pass-outs - No hostility whatsoever. 🚫 - Message BeAvantGarde for the password! 🔑 See you in the unknown! 🔮 ~ B.A.G NOTE: If the night ends prematurely, NO REFUNDS will be issued. We thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • B A G with Charonne - Sydney Secret Warehouse - Flyer front