Electroscope 02 presents Datawave (Live) · The Zenobit3 · Mood XLR

  • This is the announsment os the second event of #Electroscope, a new sessions that was recently born in Madrid. Cutting-egde electronic events lead by the well-known electro dj and producer The Zenobit3 aka Sumerian Slave who, together with Mood XLR, strive to bring special artist who rarely have been seen playing at clubs in capital who nowadays are representative figures in electronic music scene. Withour a doubt, you can tell their work "have soul" and technically they always perform at the highest level. Next March 27, we'll have the chance to witness an exquisite live act by Datawave first time in Spain @ Sala Siroco. A potent music trip is garanteed by the Belgian DJ and producer going through Dark, Ambient and Electro sounds which, combined with The Zenobit3 aka Sumerian Slave's smashing electro DJ set and stunning technical skills playing turntables plus Mood XLR exquisite and refined music taste, can be only remalkable. Join us and share it with us! 🚫____only for music lovers. *more info about the tickets coming soon soon NCFM ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🤡🔥🤡🔥🤡🔥🤡🔥🤡
  • Electroscope 02 presents Datawave (Live) · The Zenobit3 · Mood XLR - Flyer front