[CANCELLED] Tangle with Nuel, Archivist, Nfnr, Raketka

  • Sadly we have to cancel Tangle in its current form due to the escalating coronavirus pandemic. Not only are two of our headliners from the European and US epicentres of the outbreak, it is also becoming increasingly unclear what the situation will be like by the time of the event, making it impossible to go on promoting it and selling the tickets. Instead, we might be holding a smaller event with a stripped down lineup, which we will decide on closer to the date. We will then try to reassemble most of the current participants at a Tangle down the road once we are clear of the corona. ------------------------------------------------------- Excited as fuck to present the perfect lineup - including 4 UK debuts - at a new South London venue, built around a workers cafe. Nuel – Aquaplano – Rimini https://soundcloud.com/nuel_official Archivist – secondnature – Seattle https://soundcloud.com/archivistseattle NFNR [live] – Womens Sound – Kyiv https://soundcloud.com/neitherfamousnorrich Raketka – Ritmika – Minsk https://soundcloud.com/raketka NGC-5128 – Ritmika – Cēsis https://www.mixcloud.com/NGC5128 Dank Hank – Cheeky Soundsystem – London https://soundcloud.com/hankdank Cukier – Codeword – London https://soundcloud.com/cukier-codeword Random performances: Total Panic Mode, J.B. Glazer, Volitant, International Laboratory Ensemble (Zürich) Lighting design: Tom Holmes Space design: Timothy Maxymenko https://www.timothymaxymenko.com/ Visual design: 187 http://oneight7.com/ • Afterhours entry from 6am @ £10 • Breakfast at 7am
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  • [CANCELLED] Tangle with Nuel, Archivist, Nfnr, Raketka - Flyer front
    [CANCELLED] Tangle with Nuel, Archivist, Nfnr, Raketka - Flyer back