Sound Open Air - Křižíkova Fountain

  • ▌Křižíkova fountain ➤ Progressive house / deep house / tech house / electronica / techno ➤ VIP amphitheater with best view to the fountain and stage ➤ Two-day festival Often referred to as the dancing fountain or musical fountain, this show of water, light and music, simply must be seen. Krizik Fountain attracts large groups of tourists, especially in the summer months, with four nightly shows. It is quite unique and there is no other similar fountain show in the world. Its lighting was created by the Czech inventor, Frantisek Krizik, from whom it took its name. It was restored in 1990 and is now operated during the summer months for evening shows with modern or classical music or ballets. There is a big amphitheatre that can easily accommodate 5,000 visitors. The Krizik Fountain works using 3,000 incredible water jets, 50 water pumps and 1,200 lights of all colours hidden underneath its big water basin. ☝️ Thanks for sharing an event, we will select two of you who will receive 1 + 1 VIP tickets for this event for free. ☝️ ▌Aftermovie from last year 👉 ▌VIP tickets benefits: - access to VIP amphitheater with best view to the fountain and stage - own entrance without queues - free entrance to the afterparty at club District 7 - own bar without queues - own classic toilets without queues ▌DJs: ▌Fountain stage Thursday 29.7. Jan BLomqvist live (DE, Berlin) Atlantik live (DE, Berlin) Friday 30.7. Monika Kruse (DE, Berlin) Orbith Thin & Thick ▌Afterparty at club District 7 TBA
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