Inhalt der Nacht

  • FU ♥ Research [Dress to Sweat] LINE UP ROOM 1 Inhalt der Nacht TainT Shannen Blessing Aoise Butt ROOM 2 + ROOM 3 To be announced. ---------- FIRST 10 PEOPLE TO POST 'FU♥ Research' RECEIVE FREE ENTRY UNTIL 11pm NEXT 50 TO POST RECEIVE CHEAP LIST ----------- For our first international guest we team up with Research to bring you something special. We welcome Berlin heavyweight, Lebendig and Modul founder, Inhalt der Nacht. This will be our first international guest, but anybody who has been to see a show like this in The Lost Society will know this is going to be something pretty special. Dress to sweat and get ready to rave, because this one goes hard. Joining him on the night we have Research's TainT, Shannen Blessing and Aoise Butt. ---------- Room 2 & Room 3 will be announced soon. Rules: We won't have any tolerance for any intolerance, groping, or general arseholeness. If there is anybody in the club causing problems, please let one of us behind the DJ Booth (not the DJ) or at the door know immediately, and they will be dealt with swiftly. ---------- Tickets are €8/10/12 and we will be donating money to charity every week to help out with homeless charities over the winter, Syrias Vibes and many other causes. See you soon! FU