L.I.E.S. 10 Years: Legowelt presents Gladio, Ron Morelli & more

  • This event has been re-scheduled from its original date to September 11th 2020 due to coronavirus crisis. In many interviews, Ron Morelli expressed his concern regarding the longevity of music labels in the times when ADHD listeners ‹‹earplugs recommended›› are constantly craving for the next big thing. It might be the case that he may stop worrying as the music institution he created and which defined a whole era of club music music – L.I.E.S. Records – celebrates 10 years in the game, stronger than ever. 00s wasn't a good time for dance music in NYC ‹‹american noise is less noisy›› with a lot of restrictions suffocating nightlife in the anxious atmosphere of the post-9/11 years ‹‹try to gentrify this›› and perhaps it was this uneasy, somehow desperate feeling that gave rise to a whole new scene of DJs and producers ‹‹deep into memory of two dogs›› united under the label L.I.E.S., who took cues from Noise, Post-punk, Dutch Electro and dusty old Acid trax and with a catalogue spanning some 150 releases, they made it impossible for club kids worldwide to avoid the omnipresent rusty hydra of distorted Techno being rinsed on all dancefloors imaginable ‹‹sark island acid kicking in›› Coming to celebrate ten years of insanely focused and distinct yet divergent label work is the head honcho Ron Morelli as well as ‹‹so brooklyn-esque›› the Dutch producer and L.I.E.S. staple Legowelt, bringing his “Greco Roman house” project Gladio ‹‹fear eats the soul›› Also on the bill are the usual suspects Raphael Kosmos and Exhausted Modern of Endless Illusion ‹‹label of every month›› ☯ Legowelt presents Gladio ☯ [ L.I.E.S. ] https://soundcloud.com/legowelt-official ✇ Ron Morelli official ✇ [ L.I.E.S. ] https://soundcloud.com/l-i-e-s ☢ Exhausted Modern ☢ [ Endless Illusion ] https://soundcloud.com/exhausted-modern ☻ Raphael Kosmos ☻ [ Endless Illusion ] https://soundcloud.com/raphael_kosmos1 LIMITED AMOUNT OF PRE-SALE TICKETS AVAILABLE ABOVE TICKETS WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR PLEASE READ OUR HOUSE RULES BEFORE YOUR VISIT: https://anka.li/house-rules/ — Running order will be published the day before the event at http://anka.li
  • L.I.E.S. 10 Years: Legowelt presents Gladio, Ron Morelli & more - Flyer front