[POSTPONED] Artificial Hells presents: Happa, OK Williams, Oren & Pear.

  • Rising selector OK Williams joins Happa at Grow. Expect a night of full-on heaters for Artificial Hell's one-year anniversary party.
  • Artificial Hells are returning to our spiritual home of Grow Tottenham for an extra special one year anniversary party, showcasing some of our favourite DJs and, of course, the AH residents. For this Friday night edition, we'll be rolling through to the early hours, treating you to music that will traverse soundworlds and bring you the buttery warmth to get you through the last few days of the winter. To help us on our journey, we have: **HAPPA** We have been following Happa right from the early days of his career, watching his every step as a talented producer and bringer of severe heat behind the decks. Most recently, he has released a stunning 2-track on Whities' Blue series that has taken our little community by storm. He has DJ'ed across the globe, with gigs under his belt that any DJ would dream to tick off their bucket list. Every time we've seen Happa play, he has had the whole audience in the palm of his hand, pushing just that little bit further to dish out little nuggets of everything you could ever want. **OK WILLIAMS** NTS host, Siren affiliate and Rising Sun regular OK Williams is riding a wave right now. Aside from her recent appearance at Panorama Bar, she's popping up all over the place and we are so excited to finally have her with us. We've wanted to have her along pretty much since we started putting on events and if any of her recent sets, or actually any of her sets at all, are anything to go by, we are in for a treat on the 20th. Like, Happa, OK Williams' style is difficult to shoehorn - it's eclectic, intricate and, most importantly, just a lot of fun. This will be an exciting opportunity to catch her in an intimate, community party, before she blows up into the big time. **RESIDENTS** For those who have been to our parties before, our residents Oren and Pear need no introduction as the artists who are providing the soundtrack for your night (and the little afterparties as well). For those not in the know, our residents are multi-style selectors who are experts in opening the party in and wrapping it up at the end of the night. Together, they have gigs across the UK, Europe and Australia under their belts and are the perfect hosts to sandwich both Happa and OK Williams. Get down early and stay late to catch artists who are in the early days of their making; we're lucky to have them. ***OUR ETHOS*** Artificial Hells is an inclusive and open space for everyone, where new audiences can be opened to new forms of music and where artists feel comfortable experimenting with new material and unexplored territories. We exist beyond an event, as a collective, a family and a group of like-minded individuals. Tickets are £10, and £14 OTD. If you would like to come but are on a low income or are unwaged, don't hesitate to drop us a message BEFORE the event and we can sort something out. We won't be able to offer lower price tickets on the door. Please note that we are an inclusive event. Discrimination or harassment of any form will not be tolerated. If you feel uncomfortable, please speak to any member of the AH team or venue staff.
  • [POSTPONED] Artificial Hells presents: Happa, OK Williams, Oren & Pear. - Flyer front
    [POSTPONED] Artificial Hells presents: Happa, OK Williams, Oren & Pear. - Flyer back