[CANCELLED] Pitch Black with Alex Downey

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    Alex Downey (Freerotation) Chris Barrance (Selective Work)
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  • CANCELLED Is Alex Downey UK techno's best-kept secret? We certainly think so. When Alex blew our minds closing out the Sputnik tent at Field Maneuvers last summer, we just knew we had to book him for a gig in Oxford. "Alex Downey is a true disciple of techno’s transportive power, particularly inspired by the futuristic melodies of the Detroit masters. A resident at Freerotation and alumnus of Covert Records in Brighton, his are some of the safest hands to entrust your party. The set at the famed Sputnik’s Dome closed out the festival in a swirl of hypnotic euphoria." - Crack Magazine -------------------- There’s only a handful of DJ’s I’ve ever heard who are naturally gifted and Alex Downey is one of them,” says techno don Ben Sims at whose Split/Balance nights Downey has regularly played. Based in Brighton, Alex fell in love with techno from seeing the likes of Derrick May and Dave Clarke at the Zap Club in the early nineties, and his regular pilgrimages to London’s Lost parties were an inspiration, where Jeff Mills became a massive influence on his musical perspective. Alex Downey has been an ardent supporter of quality underground music and a prominent purveyor of all things electronic as a DJ, vinyl pusher, and radio presenter for well over two decades. Alex was a key figure behind the counter at Brighton's legendary Covert Records and has amassed an immense record collection spanning the house, techno and electro spectrum, while his unrestricted sets behind the decks have earned him much respect and a great reputation amongst the global electronic community. Alex has been a resident at the celebrated Freerotation Festival from it’s inception, and is currently a resident DJ at Brighton’s ‘First Floor’ party, playing alongside the likes of Function and XDB. He’s DJed at such diverse events as Wiggle, Split, Fabric, Labyrinth Festival in Japan, The Big-Beat Boutique, The Essential Festival and continues to play the best parties. But just as important to his career arc are the hundreds of smaller parties and long-forgotten club nights that rocked hard and kept the lifeblood of the scene pumping. Alex's style behind the turntables defies categorization. For him techno isn't a dogma so much as a spirit of electronic freedom to adapt and embrace new styles. He is highly rated by DJs and is regarded as a keeper of the flame. He’s the high priest at his new business venture; ‘The Temple of Vinyl’, a monumental warehouse stocked floor to ceiling with the black gold, whilst his broad taste and consummate selection skills can be heard on his ‘Voyage De Lux’ radio shows, on Brighton’s 1BTN FM every other Wednesday night. More recently, Alex has become a Third Ear resident DJ, as the seminal label seeks to bring together a select group of idiosyncratic DJs that showcase the label’s ethos, and is now represented by the ‘Guaranteed Connection Artists’ agency
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