Envision Festival 2020

  • Our roots run deep, as deep as a decade. Every lap around the sun does wonders. More meaningful than the next. As a community we’ve grown. As a festival we continue to flourish. We look back with gratitude and relish in the revelry. Looking ahead, the path is undefined, unknown. The air is heady. The greenery dense. Nature’s playground has become our jungle gym. But it is in this uncertainty that freedom lies. An openness to something new, something that’s been brewing inside. They say it takes 10 years to master a skill. But what good is a skill if it remains buried, unshared. The stage is set. We’re ready to shine brighter than before. The time to unearth Envision has come. To share this secret spectacle with the world. To celebrate all that it is with old friends and welcome new faces home. We’ll shout it from the treetops, To let the world know, The original jungle festival was born 10 years ago, And it’s wild wild spirit is more alive now, than ever before.
  • Envision Festival 2020 - Flyer front