Thom Yorke

  • This man really needs no introduction. Thomas Edward „Thom“ York, the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Radiohead is already well known and loved all over the world due to the legacy of his Band. In 2006 he released his first solo record „The Eraser“. His latest live shows in Germany were a visually and sound-aesthetically impressive electronic music concert at which Yorke sang and danced to the live mix of house producer Nigel Godrich, while the artist Tarik Barri created the fascinating visuals. Various Youtube recordings testify to this unpredictable and charismatic artist constellation. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes features the trio of Thom, Nigel and Tarik performing songs spanning Thom's work, including The Eraser, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Atoms For Peace’s Amok, Suspiria and of course his recently released ANIMA. ANIMA was released on 27th June, accompanied by a Paul Thomas Anderson-directed “one-reeler,” also titled ANIMA, exclusively viewable on Netflix. In July 2021 Thom Yorke will return to Berlin with his unique performance.
  • Thom Yorke - Flyer front