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    Fog School Froz Armed With Bow Devon Loch
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  • Subduction occurs at convergent sonic boundaries where one plate of sonic creation converges with another. At that point, the density of the sonic output increases and provides additional negative buoyancy. It is at subduction zones that impulses towards dark ambient, schizoid beats, sedimentary sonic layers, live performance and experimental tendencies are recycled into the collective consciousness. [Wikipedia] -~-=-~-~-=-~--~-=-~--~-=-~--~-=-~--~-=-~--~-=-~--~-=-~- Fog School Visual artist Seb Patane channels insomnia, involuntary night time body twitches, hypochondria, underwater readings and drunken experiments with sound into a live performance of his recent release Sleep Dancer, which pays homage to dance music, from Springsteen reanimated to footwork. https://mfzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sleep-dancer Froz Froz is the club-oriented moniker of London-based DJ, Music Producer, Sound Artist and Musicologist Francesco Fusaro. He co-founded MFZ Records and 19'40" in 2016 and has been running a classical and contemporary show on NTS Radio since 2017. Froz / Francesco Fusaro will present a new live set of house, techno and electro tracks he is currently working on. He will also man the decks at the end of the evening, with a selection of his left-field bootlegs and previous releases. https://soundcloud.com/ilfroz Armed With Bow Cellist / synthsician Armed With Bow will be diving deep into new terrain with an part improvised set fusing his dense ambient textures and soaring melodic lines with fissures of subterranean techno, drone and glitched-out beats. https://soundcloud.com/armedwithbow Devon Loch Devon Loch is the alias of Kit Records founder Richard Greenan. Blending field recordings with synthesisers and traditional instrumentation, his music hovers between minimal composition and surreal radio broadcast. https://www.kitrecords.com/devon-loch
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