Wntrgrnd with A Sharp OVI Dece

  • We are trilled to present: Alex Sharp - extended set support act: Dece. ( Romania ) | OVI ( Hungary ) This night, it’s all about feelings, moods and a deep, hypnotic groove… we gonna dance on those tracks that get us moving our feet and nodding our heads without resisting it, regardless of genre, bpm, style, or label, don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself taken away by the magic of music. --- powered by UNDRGRND Club John Doe, Rembrandtplein 31 +18 ( ID check at the door ) __ At UNDRGRND, there is zero-tolerance for harassment, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. Together we can help creating a respectful and safe atmosphere. The music and vibe are always the main focus.
  • Wntrgrnd with A Sharp OVI Dece - Flyer front