[POSTPONED] ESP Institute, Total Luxury Spa & Dublab present SHERELLE

  • POSTPONED ESP Institute, Total Luxury Spa and Dublab invite from London, SHERELLE (Hoover Sound, 6 Figure Gang, Reprezent Radio, BBC Radio 1) for an evening of leftfield bass, alongside DJ Noir (Juke Bounce Werk), Aura T-09 (Dublab), Heidi Lawden & Lovefingers (ESP Institute). SHERELLE SHERELLE is at the forefront of UK electronic music thanks to a signature style that’s captured the imagination of everyone who’s seen her play. Enter the dance during one of her sets and you’ll be met with pure energy as footwork, juke, jungle and other genres at the higher end of the BPM scale are unleashed and then rewound amid a sea of gunfingers. SHERELLE’s selections have also landed her a nomination for the Dazed 100, a residency on BBC Radio 1, guest mixes on BBC 6 Music, 1Xtra, Resident Advisor and Noisey as well as appearances on Just Jam, Keep Hush and two iconic shellings of Boiler Room. DJ NOIR Mother of LA’s Juke Bounce Werk, the Int'l DJ/Producer/Visual Artist Collective (Founded in 2013) that has provided a sound and culture bridge to Chicago over the last 5 years hosting Chicago legends and newcomers alike via their regular Rocksteady sessions. JBW hosts their show on Dublab Radio Every 1st Saturday. AURA T-09 Aura T-09 is a consistent advocate of producers and styles, seeking to free the dance floor from the hegemony of 4/4 beats. Though much of her impact on Los Angeles dance floor culture has occurred behind the scenes as a graphic designer and event organizer, Aura T-09 (Marci Pinna) has managed to reveal a connection between breakcore, IDM, experimental electronics and a number of vibrant regional dance scenes through her tireless efforts. Her friendship, support, and collaboration with late footwork scene godfather DJ Rashad directly led to the genre’s popularity in the city, and she’s promoted parties for Venetian Snares, Xanopticon, Oneman, Kode9, Ikonika, DJ Funk, Untold. Behind the decks, Aura T-09 sums up all these influences, refusing to draw a hierarchy between sounds for the mind and those aimed at the body. Setting the scene early will be ESP Institute shaman Lovefingers as well as rave maven Heidi Lawden. Held in an intimate private loft space with heavy sound. Capacity is limited, RSVP is mandatory.
  • [POSTPONED] ESP Institute, Total Luxury Spa & Dublab present SHERELLE - Flyer front