Izakaya Basement X Woozy: Cando / Eclecticist / EMA

  • Izakaya Basement X Woozy Kicking off this series with a lot of heat!!! Woozy is delighted to have one half of Cando (Livity Sound) & Eclecticist in Dublin's best basement at the end of the month. *11- Late - Free in* Cando: One half of Bristol duo aka Cando joins us from Bristol. Cando made waves earlier this year with their debut release for broken techno and dubstep institution Livity Sound.The dense and gritty bass weight on Bleak/Sundown rubbed shoulders with intricate summery drum programming inspired by Chad’s West Indian heritage. Expect the best of dub-heavy sounds!!! https://soundcloud.com/candouk Eclecticist : Born in Oxford, nurtured in Bristol, now residing in London and producing some of the biggest radio shows in the country, Eclectisist keeps his ear firmly to the ground and below. After almost 2 decades of honing his technical ability, Eclecticist plays mostly Techno, UK Bass and hybrids of UK Funky and Soulful House, evidently though, he likes to keep it eclectic. https://soundcloud.com/eclectivity/sets/eclecticist-mixes Support from Woozy mom E M A
  • Izakaya Basement X Woozy: Cando / Eclecticist / EMA - Flyer front
    Izakaya Basement X Woozy: Cando / Eclecticist / EMA - Flyer back