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    Alec Falconer (ART OF DARK / Phone Traxx) Queen of Pack live (Kaizenrecordsberlin) Mia Sofia (Kaizenrecordsberlin) Hagen (OuttaOutta) Ismael Alcarcari (OuttaOutta) PJ (vinylfetisch) Simon (Kaizenrecordsberlin / OuttaOutta)
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  • Experience Falconer's fresh approach to house and garage.
  • Kaizenrecordsberlin is celebrating after almost 1 year and 2 releases for the 3rd time in Leipzig. We invite you to become part of the crew. Alec Falconer, a supporter from the very beginning is coming all the way from London. Queen of Pack will play one of their rare live sets for us. Our Mia Sofia and the locals Hagen, PJ, Ismael Alcarcari and Simon will take care of you for the rest of a promising night. Not convinced yet? Surprise yourself! Afterhour at secret off-location: Antonio b2b Julian Feierabend https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/alecfalconer140120 https://soundcloud.com/sofiamia/one-hour-of-bake-le-cake-3delipamanoke https://soundcloud.com/kaizenrecordsberlin/krb-cast001 https://soundcloud.com/foundation_berlin/fndtn-mixes-002-pj https://soundcloud.com/cymatiquerecords/cymatique-series-008-simon ツ Please respect the borders of one another and your own. Any discrimination against people and their ancestry, appearance, sexual orientation, gender or any other reasons are strictly not welcome.
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