Club Night X Les Nuits

  • JACQUES GREENE Jacques Greene is the artist name of Philippe Aubin-Dionne. The Montreal-born and raised DJ/producer is one of dance music’s most captivating and enigmatic talents. Producing for vocalists Katy B, Tinashe and How To Dress Well and remixing Radiohead, Autre Ne Veut Shlohmo, and many others, Jacques Greene has expanded his collaborations to include fashion with cult Canadian designer Rad Hourani and art institutions including London’s Tate Modern. Jacques Greene’s sparkling original productions include the genre defining ‘Another Girl’, a house anthem with future RnB leanings that would go on to inspire countless imitations. SILKBACK Slikback is a Kenyan electronic music producer and DJ. After joining the Nyege Nyege collective in Kampala in mid-2017, he began to develop a unique dark yet accessible sound, drawing from a sonic palette including footwork, trap, grime and a variety of contemporary underground African club styles. His Debut EP 'Lasakaneku' was released in June 2018 by Hakuna Kulala, a Kampala-based label exploring new voices from the region. Since then, his rise has been rapid, including a Boiler Room stream of his show at Nyege Nyege Festival, and a European premiere at Unsound Festival in Poland, where he performed no less than three times. One Unsound set was highlighted by Resident Advisor as one of the five key performances the festival. Placed online as an Unsound podcast, the mix was hailed as one of the best of October 2018 by The Guardian, Pitchfork and Crack Magazine. Slikback continues to create new sounds and to collaborate with amazing vocal talents from Kampala. He also has a new project called o g n i k i with polish producer Morgiana Hz, exploring and merging their respective universes. JAY MITTA Jay Mitta is a producer of singeli, futuristic sound from Dar Es-Salaam ghettos in Tanzania. This new musical scene is similar to kuduro, electro shangaan and sometimes even gabber. All you have to do is listen to Jay's music and you get a sudden and uncontrollable urge to dance. With a beat never lower than 180 bpm, the singeli from Tanzania does the job! "Tatizo Pesa", his first opus released on Nyege Nyege Tapes (the up-and-coming African label!), is, to say the least, remarkably effective! He will be accompanied by the emcee Anti-Virus. CATU DIOSIS Catu Diosis is a journalist, stylist and member of the Nyege Nyege Tapes team, as well as a major force in the underground club scene in Kampala, the place where electronic music is being revived in East Africa. With a multitude of dizzying influences, ranging from Detroit techno sounds to Afro-house, she creates her own universe. A singular, modern electronic music with wild rhythms. Catu Diosis illustrates the new generation of young female djs. AUTHENTICALLY PLASTIC Originally from Uganda, performer, dj and queer producer, Authentically Plastic breaks the codes by offering a dark and playful music that brilliantly integrates kwaito, gqom, acid techno and vogue beats, all influenced by the electronic rhythms of Northern Uganda. In addition to performing at secret queer raves and at the 2019 Nyege Nyege festival, Authentically Plastic is also behind the ANTI-MASS nights, which give priority to female and queer artists and to sound and cultural experimentation. BUGA Rising star of the Brussels scene, Buga is a specialist of dj sets based on big bangers, but also an acclaimed producer, thanks to a playful and original work approach. His ultra-modern electronic and catchy music stands out amongst others. After performing at the Beursschouwburg, the Decoratelier and the FFORMATT as a dj set, he will present his new EP in live, exclusively at the Nuits Botanique! This project will be released by Boomerang, who received his letters of nobility from FACT and The Guardian and who is also the new label of Samuelspaniel. LAURA PALMER Laura Palmer is a french musician now based in Brussels. When she was young, she started making music on a tiny pink guitar. She then stumbled upon Garageband and electronic gear and started making genre-bending music, drawing influences from 90s techno, hip-hop, synth-wave, erotic soundtracks and faux punk. She'll play a very special live set at the after party at the Orangerie during Les Nuits.