[CANCELLED] null+void Live #4: Petwo Evans, Loula Yorke, Begg, Kilig

  • NYE was a lesson in messy fun in the rave despite us facing yet more issues with licencing (thank you to all of you who stuck by and made it pop). We have listened to the licencing gods and their denial for us to run an all night party (for now at least) and return for a regular live session. This March the programming features off-kilter live electro and techno with a focus on modular synthesis and live percussion. Petwo Evans Much of their music is made on a remote farm in West Wales by Rich Thair and Jake Willaims who make rhythms using found objects (tumble dryer, water bottle, broken piano and stone) which are then looped, processed and combined with electronic machines to create that reflects the landscape – age-old continental drifts, abandoned industrial quarries and the Blade Runner-thrill of driving through Port Talbot at night. The results still are sound system primed and at times off the wall club excursions which are all part of the repertoire they will be delivering for us. Loula Yorke This is an artist who we’ve connected with over the last year, playing her tracks on the radio show and generally respecting the work she has been doing with her production and presenting modular workshops. Her sound weaves the rawness of analogue synthesis into the dreamy tones and recently earned her some props on Bandcamp Daily being featured as best eletronic release of the month for her recent EP LDOLS. Begg Part of the London Modular family Begg spends his days in the Hackney Wick based shop feeding London’s synth habit and has also performed previously as part of the LMA residency at the Lion & Lamb. Begg is accomplished in his own right with modular performance and production with a sound that is off-kilter and can weave a winding groove as much as go bang. Kilig Kilig’s Cry EP for null+void was a breathtaking lesson in space, poise and emotion in production. He doesn’t currently have a live set but we still wanted him to cement his place in the null+void family by inviting him to share warm up duties with Kirsti. Kirsti Founder kirsti will be in the house, too setting the tone for the night.
  • [CANCELLED] null+void Live #4: Petwo Evans, Loula Yorke, Begg, Kilig - Flyer front