KozzMozz - Moondust & Black Stars

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    Tommy Four Seven B2B UVB (47 rec. Germany b2b MORD, Body Theory rec. France) ● SNTS / hybrid live (Horizontal Ground & Sacred court. Germany) ● Noneoftheabove (Theabove rec. the Nederlands) ● Phara (Voltage, Planet Rhythm rec, Belgium) ● Spacid (Kozzmozz, Marching Machines. Belgium)
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  • 25 YEARS KOZZMOZZ - PART 1 ═════════════════════════ Moon Dust, Caused by continual meteoric bombardments on distant moons. Small particles floating through the endless night. Waiting to be found by the designated ones. When light becomes dark and constellations obscure, black stars arise. Total absorption. Immersing in the blackest velvet & creating an inevitable collision in between. Submerging into the void where time is fractured and sound knows no boundaries, we strive to find what is hidden. Awaiting the moment to be taken over by the spell. TICKETS ═════════════════════════ Get yours at all FNAC shops or online via www.kozzmozz.com/tickets EXPECT ═════════════════════════ A one way space travel, pure magic, hard-hitting filthy techno, the real deal, dirty dancing & breaking down boundaries.
  • KozzMozz - Moondust & Black Stars - Flyer front
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