Itwxw: Hustle & Heal with Darwin, Seven Dee, Deejay Aesthetics, gFx

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    Darwin, Seven Dee, Deejay Aesthetics
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  • We’re switching it up in 2020! gFx workshops now happen QUARTERLY (1 winter, 1 spring, 1 summer, 1 fall) and feature 2 workshops per session, led by an out of town & local artist. Keep exploring new gear & technical skills, and also dive into industry, business, and community topics lead by womxn and non-binary artists in music and entertainment ♥ We got u. 7:00PM - CLP Gear Playground open floor 7:30PM - HEAL workshop with Seven Dee (Pgh) 8:00PM - HUSTLE workshop with Darwin (Berlin, CDMX) 9:00PM - 12AM - In the Weeds with Deejay Aesthetics (Pgh) ▪️HUSTLE with Darwin ▪️ Darwin (aka Fallon MacWilliams) wears many hats: founder of international PR agency Hustle, label head, promoter, and co-founder of Clean Scene, she has worked for over a decade helping shape others careers, while being a successfully touring DJ with residencies across Berlin and Mexico City. Hustle is 360 global PR agency for festivals, labels and artists, with clients ranging from Dekmantel and Flow Festival, to Ninja Tune and Hyperdub, to release support for Octo Octa/Eris Drew, Matias Aguyayo, Laurel Halo and other boundary-breaking artists from around the world. In this workshop, Fallon gives advice on building up your artist profile, and reviews common misunderstandings and mistakes that artists can make with promotion. Inspired by the grassroots activism that has put the climate crisis back in the headlines, Clean Scene's first project is an easy-to-use carbon offsetting tool for DJs and their agencies. Fallon will also go over the importance of sustainability in the industry, and ways to give back to music communities as an artist. ▪️HEAL with Seven Dee ▪️ This is an all levels, neuro-divergent friendly workshop! In "Emotional Processing Through Processed Music" you’ll learn how to do a lot with very little. Incorporating music therapy techniques and Orff Method for experimental music, this workshop offers both constructive and abstract ways to create music that is healing, and how make the experimentation process enjoyable using library gear like the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay and Boss RC-3 Loop Station. We’ll also discuss how beneficial sharing/trading gear with friends is! Our educator Dee (7D) is a local experimental composer and performance artist who performs under the name "bruiser beep". They compose swelling epics of bass-heavy, dissonant electronic soundscapes with loose, deconstructed melodies, and dramatic vocals that are as playful as karaoke and as anguishing as the opera. They use an unassuming configuration of music boxes, chord organ, dumpster-dived keyboards, cassettes, dog whistles, bike horns, and several small amplification units to create dizzying textures. Through improvised "body-flinging" performance, inspired by their limited mobility, they strive to challenge the discipline of their classical training background that has strained their relationship with music. 7D prioritizes kindness and inclusivity. In their former work as an activity coordinator at a long-term care facility and program educator at a school for the blind and medically complex, they used various music therapy techniques which gave them a renewed sense of hope seeing the positive effects of music on people. These experiences inform their creative work and drive to share knowledge, with compassion and deep understanding for neuro divergence. ▪️In the Weeds with Deejay Aesthetics ▪️ Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, Tresa Murphy Green is a young, dynamic, multidisciplinary artist. She is a poet, deejay, and self taught craftswoman. Known as Deejay Aesthetics, curating sound has allowed her to shape spaces to center black femmes/women/queer folks. Deejay Aesthetics melds a wide range of genres from Afro House to Nola Bounce And Jersey Club to birth a original and imaginative experience for partiers. She is co-creator and co-resident of Junction, a monthly party at Brillobox. Junction is an open-format party that merges sounds, genres, and regions to ignite a fun and energetic dance floor. IG: Cobra Nights: Cherry Bomb! HUNY, Breeze, Deejay Aesthetics Thank you to our program partners Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Music Lending Library, and Ace Hotel. gFx supports safer spaces and a zero tolerance policy for any kind of harassment, violence, or discrimination. We welcome all folks to our events and want you to have a great time! If you experience or see anything that makes you uncomfortable please reach out to our workshop staff or Ace Hotel MGMT at the front desk.
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