Modul Meets Nina Indi Brake Birthday

  • Venue
    Modul Art Platform
    • 16/3 Oktyabrskaya street, 3rd floor, (entrance from the 10B Oktyabrskaya river side)
  • Date
    Fri, 14 Feb 2020
    23:00 - 06:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 4
  • Once again feel how the module breathes and dances, scheduled for February 14 - Valentine's Day. In addition to the fact that in #modulredbar and #modulmainroom we expect an increased number of raver love stories, those who are familiar with the work of Nina Indy should also come to the platform. The fragile girl, at first glance, is a sought-after and confident DJ, a worthy sound producer who gives out coolly in clubs and at festivals, filling most of them with her own production. To hug and congratulate Nina, to break the rhythm, to dance longer or just to hang with us with our “half” on Valentine's Day is an excellent occasion ;) Dj support in the person of YANA, MARMO, IGOR SHEP, POLI AMORIA, and such famous diggers as PLASTIK and GLEB GURAMI is going to surprise and this is another factor to be in the Module, which again awaits the city to visit ... visual: LI VARNAVA Entrance: 5 p. until 00:30 (by reposting on instagram or facebook) and for registration on 10 p. after and without registration * repost must be done before the party starts! Door policy 18+
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