[CANCELLED] BLANC is 7! w. Luis Flores [live]

  • 7 | ˈsɛv(ə)n | Luis Flores (Droid, CLR, Arts) - Berlin [LIVE] Before settling in Europe, the Mexican-born artist has been instrumental in forming of Mexico’s electronic music scene as radio host and record label owner. His extended hardware live sets led him to perform all around the globe including Berghain and Mexico’s Boiler Room. Since relocating to Europe he formed Belief Defect, a collaborative project with Drumcell. Their highly acclaimed Decadent Yet Depraved LP was released by Raster-Noton in 2017. Dark, powerful experimental electronics could be understood as either political or religious and can be seen as a reflection of our modern times. Also in 2017 Luis joins forces with Janice to debut their I Murdered project to the world on MORD imprint, but it is their latest EP on Reclaim the City that has given them huge credit as production duo as well as live act. Sorcery (Midnight Shift) - Berlin [LIVE] Sorcery cuts a unique presence in electronic music’s experimental underground. A passion for the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments has led to the creation of intricate, mind bending and challenging compositions. There’s an unrelenting and visceral impulse to his work, defined by a life-long and far-reaching passion for the rhythmic qualities of music. As a live musician Sorcery has previously lent his unique live drumming performances in collaborations with other artists within the Techno scene including: Kangding Ray, Belief Defect and Dadub amongst others. This musicianship has led him to two appearances at the esteemed Atonal festival as well as a release on the Atonal imprint along side SUMS (Kangding Ray + Barry Burns/Mogwai). They are joined by BLANC founder and resident Polanski.