Sublimate: BEIGE & Silktits

  • Sublimate always have their ear to the (under)ground, as a lineup like this proves, with Detroit's BEIGE and Montreal's silktits, two names you need to learn if you haven't heard of them already.
  • NO NEED TO FEAR SUBLIMATE’S BACK TO MAKE IT FUNKY AND BOUNCE YO’ REAR - a bad poem by Treezy B Sup fam. It’s been a min and we miss seeing your lovely faces on the dancefloor. For our first Sublimate of the decade we are psyched to host two rising talents: BEIGE and silktits. Residents Soul 2 Seoul and Dee Diggs will be bookending the evening. The usual suspects and cast of characters will be around. Come party in the brand new decade with Sublimate, names you can trust. BEIGE is a fast-rising talent in the North American queer underground based out of Detroit. They are a member of the Seraphine Collective, a group that organize educational workshops for women, femme, non-binary/GNC & queer DJs. With a residency in downtown Detroit called Chaotic Neutral, their sound moves between genres & tempos, just the kind of stuff that gets us excited at Sub-lé-mate HQ. Their dramatic approach has earned the support of dance music institutions such as Hot Mass and the Charivari Festival. As an artist BEIGE strives to honor the dancefloor as a space for healing and transformation. We are happy to have silktits back for a proper run at Sublimate. Head honcho Sagotsky brought them for a LITE edition of the party to much fanfare, so it was a no brainer to invite her back. The Montreal artist is a staple in their home scene, with a monthly radio slot called 'Tender Grooves' on radio and playing/producing parties like Cyberia, Disco Troopers, and many more. Sound by SubBass. Lights by Kip For secret deets please RSVP to [email protected]
  • Sublimate: BEIGE & Silktits - Flyer front