Heet with Aufnahme + Wiedergabe

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    Philipp Strobel ([aufnahme + wiedergabe]) MELANIA . ([aufnahme + wiedergabe]) aehm (WHITE CIRCLES) △ shrœderin (Nebula Kollektiv / Exil) Kontinum (Nebula Kollektiv) Tillman (Nebula Kollektiv / Exil)
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  • Dark and danceable. These are the two words that most describe the work of the label [aufnahme + wiedergabe] which has been in business since 2011. Founded by Philipp Strobel, the platform, which since its inception has consistently been part of a group of technoid quality smiths and has been delivering its dark, industrially-inspired, EBM-heavy techno delicacies to our ears and dance floors, is ready for a first-class courtesy visit. The second floor will be curated by Leipzig-based Nebula Kollektiv. The perfect antipole to the distorted sound on our main room. Hypnotic, deep and floating. https://soundcloud.com/aufnahme-wiedergabe https://soundcloud.com/melania_dot https://soundcloud.com/shroederin https://soundcloud.com/kontinum http://soundcloud.com/tillman_lpz ツ Please respect the borders of one another and your own. Any discrimination against people and their ancestry, appearance, sexual orientation, gender or any other reasons are strictly not welcome.
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