Mechatronica Labelnight

  • Mechatronica is a berlin-based record label, promoter and artist collective driven by passion for the connection between humans, mechanics and electronics. They release music, play music and hold club night residencies at Griessmuehle and Sameheads in Berlin since 2012. Through collaborations with fellow labels like Pinkman, Cultivated Electronics and [aufnahme + wiedergabe], a wide umbrella of artists have played Mechatronica’s 24-hour raves in Berlin, including The Hacker, Thomas Heckmann, The Advent, DMX Krew, Intergalactic Gary, Truss, Legowelt, Jensen Interceptor and many more. As the label opens 2020 with CREDIT 00’s concrete-drenched Beats For The Streets EP, Mechatronica is set to release new records by Cardopusher and L.F.T. in the near future, further shaping and developing the sound of their main label, as well as the Mechatronica White limited edition series. Check: ツ Please respect the borders of one another and your own. Any discrimination against people and their ancestry, appearance, sexual orientation, gender or any other reasons are strictly not welcome.
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