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    Cheap & Deep (Cheap & Deep , Hauntologists )(Live)(Berlin/NYC) Dasha Rush(Full Panda, Sonic Groove)(Live)(Berlin/Paris/Russia) Dash & Dry(Robot Army, Rampe-D)(Live)(Berlin) Suzi Wong(DJ)(Berlin) Adam X(Sonic Groove)(DJ)(Berlin/USA)
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  • Adam X/Sonic Groove & Maria join forces once again to bring you another night of pure techno funk!. Jay Ahern (Cheap And Deep, Hauntologists, Add Noise) grew up in Florida, where 'Bass Music’ and it’s subsonic pulse was the soundtrack to those hot and humid Florida nights. Later on Jay heard the sound again in a new flavour coming from Chicago and Detroit and during the 90’s when Jay was meant to attend university in Dublin, Ireland... he got caught up in pirate radio instead. Broadcasting weekly the sounds of Detroit Techno, Chicago House as well as releases on labels like Basic Channel, Irdial, 100% Pure, B12, Eevolute, Djax and many others which he was discovering on regular shopping visits to the Fat Cat record shop in London.
The show was called 'Aquarhythms', which would also become the name of the first label Jay would start, releasing mixes by Carl Craig, Morgan Geist, Deep Dish as well as under his own monikers to keep the deep beats rolling. The releases became cult classics and were reissued on labels like Phono and Astralwerks in the late 90s.
Stepping out of the 'wayback machine’ and returning to the recent present, when Jay was on tour with Robert Henke (Monolake) providing beats on a classic 808 drum machine that he got in Miami back in the day , after a gig in Belgrade one night he met Goran Simonoski (Belgradeyard Sound System) and the two of them bonded over rakja (the local moonshine), dub, acid house and bass.
When Jay later returned to Belgrade while touring as Add Noise, he brought vocalist Uta Alder from Berlin with him. Jay had heard Uta performing on Gudrun Gut’s album and wanted to feature Uta’s unique voice against some stripped down and haunted beats… After sessions in Goran’s La Plant Studios in Belgrade, Jay took the results back to Berlin to version and mix the what would become the EP first release on the 'Cheap and Deep' label, which as with the Hauntologists releases are distributed by Hard Wax.
Hauntologists are Stefan Schneider and Jay, both artists have history in electronic music and making beats... but when the first Hauntologists EPs were released on vinyl only in limited numbers via the Hard Wax Record Store in Berlin, the duo let the music, rather than reputation do the communicating.
The EPs had no info, no promotion, just 4 tracks and handmade covers with some African images that Stefan fancied. But, the release found it's way into the sets of DJs like Marcel Dettmann, Josh Wink and others who still search for new music amongst racks of vinyl. But eventually, word got out who was behind these releases which were recorded live in studio, using some ancient and not so ancient instruments, all iconic in the history of house music and dub. Dance music which reverberates the past, present and future and well... Bass is the place.
 Dasha Rush , real name Dasha Ptitsyna Van Celst Born in Russia, she grow up in Moscow. Began to dj in her home country at the age of 14. Opening herself to diverse style of electronic music from ambient to hardcore. After her move towards Europe in 1996, beside djing and working in fashion business, Dasha Rush began multi-artistic collaborations alongside artistsand dancers. Developing sound installations and working with theatre/dance pieces. Well-travelled Muscovite Dasha Rush has spent most of her time between Paris, London and Tokyo,Exploring emotional and technological aspects of electronique music,as well as symbiosis and conflicts between sound and other artistic expressions. During this period she brings up "Hunger to Create" concept ,awakening ,earlier mentioned ,relations between music and arts. In end of the year 2004 she approached back to dancefloor music , and create new record label called "Fullpanda" www.fullpanda.com .Her first release was quite successful track called "Shtirlitz" was taking places in various dj's charts. In 2006 her debut album "Forms ain't Formats" , where she combine dancefloor rhythms and bass lines with experimental soundscapes , mixing cold industrial with minimalistic atmosphere . This release provoke numerous reaction and reviews from international music magazines, dj , producers as well as several following Ep's. Now days Dasha Rush performs mostly Live acts and dj sets time to time. Developing her Labels , and producing other artists. Dasha Rush performed all over the globe, In numerous venues, alongside with famous and less known artists. Never stopped experimenting, In 2009 She released her second album , called "I run iron i run ironic" on "Hunger to Create records" and here in the start of 2010 she releases the three track ep entitled “Sonic State “ on the world renowned “Sonic Groove Records.” Dash and Dry first met in 1993. Dash was organizing Acid House parties in small venues in Berlin when youngster Dry accidentally bumped into him. They became good friends and decided to move on as a DJ team. Berlin's distinct club atmosphere in the mid-1990s, the city's very own Basic Channel oriented sound, but also harder Detroit techno and releases from the rapidly growing UK techno scene have been their biggest influences. Monotone, hypnotizing, industrialesque - the perfect sound for old vaults! In 1995 they joined the "Headquarters" team, a newcomer institution of Berlin's legendary Tresor club, and in 1998 they consequentially became "full time" resident DJs at Tresor. Dry also released several records under his "3ST" moniker on diverse labels at that time.
in 1999, Dash and Dry established their own label "Rampe D", which quickly became a highly respected and important fragment of Berlin's prosperous label landscape. Dash and Dry have released a total of 17 records on Rampe D. However, the label was eventually discontinued in 2005, and this was also the year when the old Tresor club had to close its doors forever.
4 years later, in 2009, Dash and Dry have joined forces with other ex-Tresor residents to form "Robot Army", a new platform for their future activities. One of these activities is their live performance at Maria, where they present the outcome of their recent studio sessions. 100% unreleased material!
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