Postponed --- Motherbeat 5: People of Rhythm

  • ***Postponed Only but Issuing Refunds to Get Money Back in People's Hands*** The cabal invite you to return to Hot Mass for a 12-hour communion at the Fifth Psychedelic Rite of the Motherbeat: People of Rhythm. All are welcome to dance together in a state of ritual ecstasy. Consume the flesh of the goddess, dissolve boundaries, and reduce dominant cultural models to dust. We will conduct a deep listening session after the dance for enhanced community processing, integration and recovery. Dance (11pm-7am): ‎أدب (adab) Kiernan Laveaux Eris Drew Deep listening (7am-11am): Farplane (SOLD, Hi-Vis) For the true story of how the Motherbeat was first revealed to Eris, please listen here:
  • Postponed --- Motherbeat 5: People of Rhythm - Flyer front