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    29 Feb 2020
    Sat 12:00 - Sun 09:00
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  • Presented by: Non/Being, Cyberia, Also Cool, Interzone, ЗМЕИ, Coolground, and N10 Radio Taking on the form of a one-day festival, Vault: Unlocked is a multi-faceted community gathering to celebrate and strengthen the support networks we build on and off the dancefloor. Featuring a day-rave marketplace of local artists, two panel discussions from local creatives and community organizers, and an all night mega-rave of live and DJ sets, we invite you to join us for nearly 24-hours of ceremony and collaboration. Vault: Unlocked will also be the official launch of new Montreal collective NON/BEING, and the release of their first album project: ‘Certified Reality’. We want to move forward asking ourselves what does community within our lived realities even really mean? And how can we expand those special feelings we share during raves to other facets of our lives and social networks? ****************************************************** Taking place in a massive warehouse space in what remains of Montreal's former industrial hub, the day will progress as follows: 12 - 6pm: Meet the Community [Presented by Non/Being x N10AS] Daytime meetup and market with vendors, tabled collectives, and live Djs broadcasting on N10.AS radio. Q-Burt [12 - 1pm] DJ Knapsack [1 - 2pm] Honeydrip [2 - 3pm] DJ Sportif (Ottawa) [3 - 4pm] DJ Pacifier B2B [4 - 5pm] DJ HaHa Vendors and fair collectives TBA ****************************************************** 6 - 8pm: Community Panel Discussions [Presented by Non/Being x Also Cool] Panel One: What is community?: With Speakers: Malaika Astorga Diego Cabezas Watson Willow Cioppa Sophia Sahrane Jacqueline Beaumont Panel Two: Community Spaces and funding: With Speakers: Odile Myrtil: Danji Buck-Moore Milo Reinhardt Estelle Davis Frankie Teardrop Both Panels will be moderated by Diana Baescu ******************************************************* 8pm - midnight: Live Performances: Liar/Lier: Exe.Jocko Neo Edo Dregqueen ******************************************************* Midnight - 7am: RAVE! Pulsum: [11:30 - 1am] Frankie Teardrop: [1:00 - 2:30am] Lis Dalton: [2:30 - 4:00am] D.Blavatsky: [4:00 - 5:30am] Art Director B2B Fresh Out The Dryer [5:30 - 7am] Ambient/Experimental Room: MPM10 [1:30 - 2:30] Viiaan [2:30 - 4am] Anabasine B2B Dileta [4:00 - 5:30am] ***Lighting and installations by Space Graft*** ***Projected visuals by Remote Access and She.Phase*** @Self_driving_cowboy @_Em.Forgues ******************************************************* Non/Being: Focusing on liminal processes of art, perception, and community organization- Non/Being is a research institution concerned with our states of being. If reality is that one’s truest state cannot possibly be categorized, and our current medium for self perception stems from a complex codification of normatives, then queerness/transeness, as a concept/movement/mode of being, situates ‘human existence’ as a (trans)ient experience, and eclipses the oppositional binaries that have been woven into the very fabric of our current realities. Through disembodiment and our constant movement across different bodily forms, we look at the ways bodies (bodies of work, art, theory, process, healing, flesh, organization, ect) interact with themselves and one another within their transcendent contexts. ******************************************************* Certified Reality Compilation: The compilation will be released alongside the festival on February 29th, in which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization Rainbow Railroad. Intended to ground Non/Being's future work in collective foundations of collaboration and social consciousness, this compilation will bring together varying musical artists across the world with the intent of raising money for the organization Rainbow Railroad. Expanding the scope and connections made at the synthesis of Non/Being, these sentiments will situate our initial coming together within the purpose of contributing to the increased well being of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals across the globe. [Non/Being website and bandcamp link to come] Compilation Artists Include: DJ Pacifier [Mtl, Canada] H5TBB [Ma, USA] Femmexy [Warsaw, Poland] Dregqueen [Mtl, Canada] Exe. Jocko [Mtl, Canada] Ne/re/a [NY, USA] Tati Au Miel [MTL, Canada] Minimal Violence [Berlin, Germany] Murder Pact [NY, USA] ************************************************************ Non/Being acknowledges that this festival takes place on stolen land, on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka. The Kanien’kehá:ka are the keepers of the Eastern Door of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The island called “Montreal” is known as Tio’tia:ke in the language of the Kanien’kehá:ka, and it has historically been a meeting place for other Indigenous nations, including the Algonquin peoples. *This space is wheelchair accessible with two small steps leading to the front door, but a small concrete curve to go up. ************************************************************ ...For those of you interested in our over night slime time programming, please refer to the Vault database website... This event will be ticketed in phases so please buy your tickets early while we still have reduced stock! Contact any of the organizers if funds is a reason for you not to attend. This is a crowd sourced event and is costing us upwards of 13, 000$ In order to reduce financial risk and monetary stress, we turn to members of the community who have funds to share in seeing this vision realized. If you have any extra money to donate please visit our Gofundme below:
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