All U Need is Lone X Sharda

  • It's been a whirlwind start to 2020 and we're here to keep the fire burning with 2 of the most interesting electronic artists to have emerged out of the UK in recent years. We're happy to present you all with a 3 hour grand slam with Lone & Sharda taking the reigns behind the Sub Club booth for the first time together. With a back catalogue of spacey, wobbly and all-round mind bending sounds, we expect this to be a colossal genre-bending journey from 2 great minds. Lone has seen success with his multiple releases on the infamous R&S records and beyond as well as a standout DJ-Kicks in 2017. Sharda is a new project releasing incredible blends of house and speed garage from the mind of Murlo. His new Champagne Circuits release has been played out by some of the biggest DJ's on the scene and he recently made a Rinse FM appearance with yer man KETTAMA. If you're on the lookout for a classic, no nonsense bounce then look no further.
  • All U Need is Lone X Sharda - Flyer front