[POSTPONED] DeWalta, O.Bee & Camelia by Alegria community x Respoke WMC Edition

  • Music & Art Show 🥁Music by.... DeWalta (Meander) O.Bee (Resolute) Camelia (Fake Society) About DeWalta: DeWalta’s introduction to the world at large, at least within the confines of underground house and techno, came once he adopted the DeWalta alias. At the same time he launched the Meander label with Fabian Geimer and Jens Körmer, providing an ideal platform for his unique slant on production as well as that of a handful of like-minded artists. As with all good artists it’s somewhat indefinable, but it exists somewhere between the rattle and tumble of organic percussion, the vibrant lashings of horns and the warm, rounded electronics. There’s no escaping the strong and determined groove that propels these tracks, but equally the playful energy and maverick charm belies on DeWalta’s accomplished musical career. About O.Bee: Known for dancing in between different genres and styles, juggling the traditional and the avant-garde, O.BEE generates obscure yet familiar sonic landscapes, in a signature style that reflects his own musical identity; optimistic yet rebellious and filled by passion. Liberating the dance floor from the accustomed rules and stepping away from functional expectations, he instead cultivates musical trips for both the dancer and the listener. After bouncing around parties for several years he joined the ReSolute family, now serving as his home platform, where he has had the honors of hosting and accompanying many artists, such as Zip, Chez Damier, Sonja Moonear, Thomas Melchior, Fumiya Tanaka, a:pria:r, that have been true inspirations for him. About Camelia: Springing onto the scene in 2017 with releases on Sports Records & Botanic Minds, he is yet to show any signs of slowing down. Since then, the young producer's EP's on Swiss label RORA & Italian label Fake Society, along with a single released on Yoyaku's JOULE Imprint, have been statement releases revealing the beautiful diversity of sound that lives within his artistic expression. He's gained support from artists by the likes of Priku, Arapu, Sepp, Nu Zau, Romar, East End Dubs & Janeret to name a few. Along with regular sets at local institutions Treehouse & The Electric Pickle, Camelia continues to grace underground hotspots in Bucharest, London, Milan & across the U.S. playing alongside artists like Praslesh, Ion Ludwig, Suciu, Herodot, Priku, Arapu, & DoubtingThomas among others. Keep your eyes & ears open, as the future is bright for this promising young talent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuiokES53X0 🎨Art exhibition and live painting by China @artbychina Fine Art Maxx Evan @maxxevan Photographer Ruben Peña @_rubenpena Photographer Sharon Lorena @sharonlorena_designs Visual arts Hugo Alban @veblen.mia Fashion Jamalat Larach @jamalat_ Fine Art Camille Von Simson @camivonsimson Visual Art Sophia Alexander @scarstudio Visual Art 📞RESERVATIONS Phone: +1(305)799-2200 Email: [email protected] 🖤 FOR MORE INFORMATION https://instagram.com/alegriacommunity?igshid=52co9y1pqavb https://www.instagram.com/re_spoke/ 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦TABLE SERVICE Table Service available: $1,000 Cabanas includes 5-6 complimentary admissions, 3 premium bottles,1 champagne, and mixers. With the Purchase of 5 premium bottles 8-10 get complementary admission. Contact for more info: [email protected] CABAÑAS WILL BE $2,000 AT THE DOOR 🎩SPONSORS: BRIGHTFOX, FIVE DRINKS CO, EYE productions, ZUNTE (Mezcal). Doors open at 10 PM
  • [POSTPONED] DeWalta, O.Bee & Camelia by Alegria community x Respoke WMC Edition - Flyer front