[CANCELLED] Khidi x HEX at Alterate (Off Week)

  • █ KHIDI x HEX: Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, Vulkanski at AlteratE (Off Week) █ HEX and KHIDI, one of the world’s most influential clubs, join forces for the third time, bringing some of its most acclaimed resident artists to AlteratE, the most radical space for ravers in Barcelona. Expect a night filled with excellent Industrial/EBM selectors for this night of HEX Off Week. ════════════════════ LINEUP: ► Ancient Methods ► Phase Fatale 
 ► Lorenzo Raganzini ► PØLI ► Vulkanski ► Sevda Visuals by Acid Thermal & KSB ════════════════════ - Ancient Methods Hard hitting sounds with a ‘funk’ touch. Ancient Methods is an innovative artist with a particular approach to Industrial Techno, making it impossible to qualify his sound only with the word ‘dry’ and introducing a totally new movement in the Industrial scene. We welcome one of our most revered artists at HEX for the second time, during this HEX year’s Off Week. WB: hex-barcelona.com/artists/hex-barcelona-ancient-methods/ SC: soundcloud.com/ancient-methods - Phase Fatale Phase Fatale is head of BITE Records, with residencies at Berghain and KHIDI. Phase Fatale’s sharpened rhythmic contours in his DJ sets draw on a vast repertoire of new and classic references: dark ambient drones contrast with the raw and punchy industrial, and post-punk and cold wave aesthetics combine with 4/4 functionality – all stitched together meticulously with strong atmospheric sensibilities and precise mixing. We now welcome Hayden for a second time at our movement, after a demolishing performance during 2019's HEX Off Week. WB: hex-barcelona.com/artists/hex-phase-fatale/ SC: soundcloud.com/phasefatale - Lorenzo Raganzini
 Defender of the heaviest, ruthless sounds, Lorenzo Raganzini is co-founder of HEX and HEX Recordings. Based in Barcelona, he represents the raviest tones of the movement, delivering ultra-accelerated Techno sets especially influenced by EBM, New Wave and his Rock and Metal background.
 WB: hex-barcelona.com/artists/lorenzo-raganzini SC: soundcloud.com/lorenzoraganzini - PØLI Co-founder of HEX, the Italian artist PØLI will offer his style, made of a blend of emotional and hard tones, bringing the whole club into an endless Techno and Trancey journey. WB: hex-barcelona.com/artists/poli SC: soundcloud.com/poligonism - Vulkanski Vulkanski is a new project from Tbilisi’s concrete catacombs by one of the pioneers of the Georgian Techno scene: a producer, live performer and resident DJ at KHIDI. Pungent, vibrant Techno and grinding Industrial sounds are the best way of describing his sound. WB: facebook.com/Vulkanski/ SC: soundcloud.com/vulkanski - Sevda Proposal by the Tbilisi-based DJ, producer, live performer and KHIDI's resident artist Ladouka Ninua, also known as OTHR. It will be his second visit to Barcelona with HEX, but this time leaning towards the lighter sound palette of his Sevda alias. WB: facebook.com/Sevdamsc/ SC: soundcloud.com/sevdamsc ════════════════════ INFO Friday 19062020 2359 - 0600 AlteratE Club Carrer de Tarragona, 141 08014 Barcelona Dress Code: ALTERATED ════════════════════ COMMUNITY: Join us > facebook.com/groups/HEXcommunity WB: hex-barcelona.com BC: hexbarcelona.bandcamp.com SC: soundcloud.com/hex-barcelona YT: bit.ly/HEX-youtube-channel SP: spoti.fi/31cAWLa CL: hex-clothing.com ════════════════════ OFFICIAL COLLABORATORS: - Resident Advisor - Codigo Sound & Light Projects - Cutoff Pro Audio
  • [CANCELLED] Khidi x HEX at Alterate (Off Week) - Flyer front