Round 3 - The Nacht with Ossian

  • The Nacht - Round 3 We disappeared from the scene for a while... it's PAYBACK TIME!! The battle field will be Grow Tottenham, powered with a Funktion One Evo 6 Sound System (supplied by ZAP). This time we are calling in an heavy-duty soldier, Ossian. UK originary talent, he's well-known for the record label S.L.A.M and his releases on Perc Trax & PLS UK. It will also be High Speed Violence's welcome party, who's jumping on The Nacht admin & HR from now onwards. She will be joined in a b2b by ØTTA, her "twin-sister" involved with the Орфей - orpheus crew. LAST but absolutely not least, we are starting to co-operate with the Extinction Rebellion group. We are inviting ER activists ad setting up a dedicated area with informative materials displayed in our chill room. £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£ TICKETS $£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£ ONLINE Early bird tickets & pre-sales on eventbrite ON THE DOOR £12 cash BEFORE midnight, £17 cash AFTER midnight ------------------------------------------------------ ------- GUESTS ------- ◾ Ossian ◾ ØTTA ------- RESIDENTS ------- ◾anyon3 ◾ Arweenn ◾ High Speed Violence --------------------------------------------------- London's fast-paced music scene, Berlin's party culture and illegal raves' energy are meeting together in order to establish a new way of enjoying the music we starve for. We ain't imitating. We are taking inspiration from what we love, to create our own. We hate labels. We love freedom. Follow us if you want to experience a new dimension of parties. Keep smiling, transmit positive energy and have a good attitude, remember: YOU ARE THE PARTY
  • Round 3 - The Nacht with Ossian - Flyer front