Balearic Freaks

  • BalearicFreaks combines the magical and loony vibe of the electronic underground scene on the Balearic Islands with the deep electronic nightlife of Berlin. We will be offering a flashy line up consisting of resident Dj´s from the islands (especially from Palma and Ibiza) mixed up with newcomers and local heroes here in Berlin as well as many other special guests who will bring their artistic passions to brighten the night for you. Be curious ; ) We play #DownTempo #BalearicHouse #DeepTech We dance like gods We party like mthrfckrz Starting gently in Berlin we will gradually getting you on an amazing journey with special surprise benefits in the future... Vamonoooos !! Pass the side entry to the RAW-Area on Revaler-Straße 99 and look for the first rough building without billboards to your left ; ) We are next door to "Zum schmutzigen Hobby"
  • Balearic Freaks - Flyer front