Bosconi Gang Band Live - Many Possible Cities

  • Bosconi Gang Band, an electronic jam session that becomes a record finally live at Manifattura Tabacchi! Last June the annual event of Bosconi Records was celebrated in Florence. The Bosconi Fest was held in the renewed and suggestive environments of Manifattura Tabacchi and precisely during its organization was born the idea of ​​organizing a jam, recording it live and making a record on vinyl. A Jam session from which the layering and overlapping of many stylistic matrices emerges, testifying to a spontaneous and never forced creativity, a heterogeneous mix of influences and sensitivities that are part of an artistic collective driven by spontaneity and extemporaneousness. For the official presentation of the album "Big Mob At manifattura Tabacchi" It was decided to re-propose the Bosconi Gang Band project live this time in front of the public on the occasion of the Many Possible Cities festival. Most of the artists of the Bosconi Records label based in Florence will be involved: Dukwa, Ennio Colaci, Herva, Mass Prod, Rufus, the trio The Clover and to direct them, behind the mixer, the owner and founder of the label Fabio della Torre. The set-up includes a central station with the mixer, surrounded by live stations arranged in a crescent, inspired by an orchestral "mystical gulf", which sees the mixer station as a "director" able to dialogue with the artists during the jam. The performance will take place over about two hours while maintaining the spirit of improvisation released from directives that would affect its authenticity and spontaneity. Afterwards we will have a multi-handed Djset with Fabio Della Torre and the other DJs from Bosconi records.
  • Bosconi Gang Band Live - Many Possible Cities - Flyer front
    Bosconi Gang Band Live - Many Possible Cities - Flyer back