[POSTPONED] back2bed with k Means b2b Angel D' Lite

  • Oh hello there. And welcome back. To the dance for your dreams. The party for all future parties. A trip through time and space to your rave dreamscape. A family style rave for everyone who wants to get weird with it. We’ve been thinking since our first one was so nice, maybe we should have another one. Back2back will always be what we do-experimentation through togetherness. This time we’re steering this spaceship off the rails. Headed straight into the wild wild west of the new rave frontier with a wonderful little lineup. k means and Angel D' Lite are heading up the decks for their first b2b. We predict a left-field throw down so far out that it’s usually only privy to alien life forms. High energy rave cuts and dance tunes will breakdown into dubby downtempo, only to launch into and above banging 160 BPMs. Breaks, drum and bass, footwork, you might want to shape up dancers, stamina is key on this intergalactic voyage. Osc Kins is bringing the pedal to the metal with speedy acid bass lines and a club ready inflection. Booty shakin’ guaranteed pushing the limits of ghettotech, jungle and even samples from your most dear digital medias. Yeah, prepare for blast off. Back2bed favorite Penny returns, spinning vinyl on the flying saucers. With an ear for the murkiest of experimental drones to house bangers, Penny can make all sounds pristine for human consumption. And of course there will be sweet treats for all our get down, get weird ravers. Welcome back2bed. Won’t you join us? Angel D' Lite b2b k means Osc Kins Penny Music from 22:00. Contact for venue accessibility.
  • [POSTPONED] back2bed with k Means b2b Angel D' Lite - Flyer front
    [POSTPONED] back2bed with k Means b2b Angel D' Lite - Flyer back