Shifting Tones with Cinthie

  • We blast the year off with an event extending into the morning in typical Shifting Tones fashion at the infamous Miami underground venue The Night Owl Bar and Lounge. This time around we will be hosting the exceptional Berlin based DJ and producer, label owner of 803 Crystal Grooves, Beste Modus, Unison Wax, Beste Freunde and we_r house, Fritz Radio Host, Elevate record store owner, proud parent and queen of it all: ||| Cinthie ||| As usual expect the Tone-Shifters Atomyard, Fabrizio Zerlini, Miranda playing endlessly into the AM and this time around also featuring Bruno Pozzo who will warm us up for another tasteful house music journey. Tickets: FREE before midnight Early Birds (limited): $10 Advanced: $20 Door: $30 Location: 28 NE 14th St. Shifting Tones, rhythms and emotions. This is how we believe unique musical experiences are brought to life.
  • Shifting Tones with Cinthie - Flyer front