[CANCELLED] Kv006 ▷ Hodge [Livity Sound] & Bok Bok [Night Slugs]

  • A special UK double-header with Bristol's Hodge and London's Bok Bok, showing off two sides of the country's distinctive dance music sound.
  • This is KV006 aka KV XL - our largest night to date. ♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎ Hodge [UK] https://soundcloud.com/hodgebristol Hodge is definitely on his A game right now. After participating in the early Bristol dubstep scene, he went on to broaden his sound to various forms of bright and bleak techno and bass music, always featuring astonishing drum work. He notably released on Livity Sound, Berceuse Heroique, Hemlock, Tectonic, Tempa and Wisdom Teeth, then went on to collaborate with Laurel Halo and Shanti Celeste. His monthly Rinse FM show serves as a lighthouse for young DJs all around the world trying to stay up to date with new leftfield dance music. Expect high-energy grooves and playfulness for his Montreal debut! Bok Bok [UK] https://soundcloud.com/bokbok We will have trouble not getting emotional for this set. Night Slugs has been the entry point to club and bass music for a lot of people in our generation. Their unique blend of phosphorescent retro-futuristic synth leads, cybernetic pumping sounds and R&B flavours, held together by an alloy of american club, UK funky, grime and dubstep, stays iconic, fresh and influencial to this day. Label founder Bok Bok released the blissed-out Pure Shores EP last year and showcases all styles of contemporary club and house music on his monthly Rinse FM show. Be ready for swinging booty-shakers, cheeky edits and all kinds of surprises! support by / par : honeydrip [coolground] https://soundcloud.com/wavesofhoney serrat (dileta b2b knapsack) [coolground / homegrown] https://soundcloud.com/diletamtl https://soundcloud.com/knap_sack ♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎ No tolerance for oppressive vibes let's build a safer dance space together ♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎♒︎
  • [CANCELLED] Kv006 ▷ Hodge [Livity Sound] & Bok Bok [Night Slugs] - Flyer front
    [CANCELLED] Kv006 ▷ Hodge [Livity Sound] & Bok Bok [Night Slugs] - Flyer back