?-?Questionmark?-?Wednesdays? ?at? ?The? ?Iron? ?Fairies? ?KL?

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    Axel Groove, Victor trixter, Prince of Borneo
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  • The ? industry nights happen every Wednesday from 10 PM onwards at the scenic Iron Faires KL, a visual wonder location, coupled with the most exclusive cocktails. The great news is that ladies get the special cocktails complimentary on Wednesdays and there is no cover charge. On the turntables of steel this week, we have an all-house line up that marks the end of the Questionmark series as we know it. Axel Groove, Prince of Borneo and Victor Trixter in the mix because everything started with house and that's a great way to move onwards and upwards. They are getting together behind the console for a delightful concoction of midweek sounds; crafty performers and a fiery combination for dance floor steaming with house and techno burning the midnight oil till very late. All are welcome, no cover charge. Art Xtreme Media organised and bringing you fresh vibes on every hump day of the week at the beautiful IFKL P.S. Stay tuned for some amazing stuff upcoming from both IFKL and AXM cause it ain't over till the fat lady sings! <3
  • ?-?Questionmark?-?Wednesdays? ?at? ?The? ?Iron? ?Fairies? ?KL? - Flyer front