Replay. Âme (Live) Palms Trax

  • 12 hours of great house music.
  • ✅ Early Bird 12€ (until 05.02 end of stock): 2 drinks until 14:00, then 1 drink until 16:00. ✅ First Release 16€ (until 12.02 end of stock): 2 drinks until 14:00, then 1 drink until 16:00. ✅ Second Release 20€ (until 22.02 end of stock): 2 drinks until 14:00, then 1 drink until 16:00. 🎡 VIP Tables: 200€ x 5 people || Info: + 34 673 559 637 Haven’t you heard about what is going to happen on February 23rd? Of course you have! Cause that Sunday will be one of those dates, an epic red-letter day that takes one’s breath away. And you know it. This line up is not something you can see every day in our city. Two artists in the eye of the storm like me and Palms Trax in the same event, in a venue where you can dance kissed by rays of sunlight? No way! On that Sunday Madrid will shout very loudly: Yo Domingo, Yo Replay. The Madrilenian promoter will be hosting again a 12-hour-daytime party with me’s killer house music at his best live version (the one that puts their sound as a lead player in electronic music). And we can hear from now on a big drum roll for the next artist: electronic music’s current child prodigy Palms Trax. Could you imagine yourself dancing to one of his magical sets full of good vibes, surrounded by that amazing vintage house and esoteric disco tracks he plays? We can’t think about anything else. The countdown has begun! 🎶⛱💖 BRUNCH TIME (12:00 - 14:00) 🎶⛱💖 🌞✨ ¡Oh, yes! ¡Oh, yes! ¡Oh, yes! We know you are waiting for this breaking news… 🎡🎡 Our beloved BRUNCH TIME is back!! 🍻🍻 Beer OPEN BAR & FREE appetizers tasting until 14:00. 🍸🍸 Because we know the brunch time is sacred for much of our public. And we want to enjoy these wonderful and sunny hours of the day with you. And indeed with some of the best electronic music local artists and hype collectives. 🎶🎶 Music will be borne by local collective Chineurs de Madrid. These young diggers group, formed by Savino, Kemper, Frölix y Sr. Melles, were shaking the Madrilenian scene since 2017 and making our cultural offering thanks to their truly and deep love for timeless music gems.
  • Replay. Âme (Live) Palms Trax - Flyer front