Housepitality: Paul Johnson - Mike Bledsoe's Bday - Jakstax

  • There is only one Paul Johnson in the world, and he is a living legendary house dj/producer from Chicago that rocks bodies, that’s it! At least that is who a house music lover might think of first when they first hear the name. This is not Paul Johnson’s first time to Housepitality and that is why we are MORE than excited for return, we know what’s about to go down. He hasn’t been back since 2018 so IT IS TIME for some Paul Johnson. Link to our Facebook event here: His dj sets are extremely diverse, just like all his productions. He flips between styles with ease and fluid progression always connected to the crowd. He’s blown the panties off Housepitality’s hoot and hollerin’ crowds with tracks you might never imagined Paul would play. You never really know what to expect from this fully engaged Chicago house music veteran. He has never stopped rocking parties. House music is his life and YOU are lucky enough to get a dose of his dance floor mastery. Paul Johnson blowing the roof off Housepitality in 2012! One more thing, Paul Johnson has produced more classic underground party jams than almost any other underground dance music artist. That is why the title of this article is “Paul Johnson’s Chicago House,” because he’s most undoubtedly helped define the Chicago House sound multiple times over the eras. Real talk! Below is a representative You Tube subscriber’s playlist compilation. It features 189 favorite Paul Johnson cuts that represent all sorts of styles that he’s heralded since the early 90’s. I just had to post this because I briefly looked at it and was reminded how much he’s done.. This night is extra special because we also honor Mr. Mike Bledsoe’s Bday. He’s originally from the midwest and is the founder of the Housebroken crew. He is also a versatile and talented dj who’s been rocking deep Bay Area house spots since moving here 2.5 years ago. He has very diligently put his crew and events on the map and you might find him and his crew rolling the streets handing out flyers for their events while donning their branded hats. Respect! They are constantly adding more bookings to their schedule and for all that, we thank Mike Bledsoe for adding his love of house music to the local Bay Area scene. So, give it up for Mr. Bledsoe and the Housebroken family as they come bless up Housepitality on this night. Jakstax from Chicago of the Housebroken crew joins the line up to take over the lounge on this fine evening with Paul Johnson headlining. HOUSEPITALITY… WE GOT YOU!! See you there!
  • Housepitality: Paul Johnson - Mike Bledsoe's Bday - Jakstax - Flyer front