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    Yoong, Yre Den, Guenter Råler, Zgjim, Bab3Lazer, SYMBO
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  • BACK ✧ IN NEW RESOLUTIONS ✧ 2020P ✧ HYBRID CLUB ✧ ORGANIC AMBIENT ✧ ECO RAVING w/ sets by: ༺ Yre Den (SPA) https://soundcloud.com/yre_den Berlin based Yre Den recently put out the energetic and mind-shifting debut "Ilk Of Geist'' on Cologne's SPA recordings. Described as ''a musician without a past'', Yre Den has been making big waves with razor sharp ambient & high-end club crossovers, commuting mutant kicks and shape-shifting percussive dynamics. ༺ Guenter Råler - LIVE https://soundcloud.com/guenterraler Italian producer and Stranded FM resident Guenter Råler adds on the night with an immersive live set of her sonic outlet to be heard in her EP ''Mobile Energy''. Taking form in ambient and noisey drones being torn apart by harsh melodics and distorted kicks to make your bones shake. ༺ Yoong (Seedlink⁺) https://soundcloud.com/yoong Yoong's subtle, avant-garde and otherworldly production style breaks through in his latest work ''Into Character'' as released on Shanghai's Genome 6.66 Mbp. His sense of tension building sublimely translates to the club as well, where he explores energetic tracks and waves of nostalgia to make you sweat and gently weep. ༺ Bab3Lazer - LIVE Lazergazer and Mayb3.Baby3 join forces in their new found live-performance Bab3Lazer (read: BABYLAZER). Using self-made instruments and contact mics they make up body of noise, subjected by the need to experiment and the manifestation of brutality. ༺ Zgjim (Angry Youth) https://soundcloud.com/zgjimi Known for his sublime grime productions, as featured with his track ''Fronto'' ft. DÆMON + Ize on Illegal Data's latest compilation, as well as his extravagant stomper DJ sets, Zgjim is a guaranteed eardrummer, busting high energy tunes calling upon maximalist themes as to be heard on his side project BLEEDING HEART, released on Ashida Park. ༺ SYMBO - LIVE Industrial duo SYMBO has been making waves with their energetic and ear-piercing live performances. Setting the tone with gritty atmospheric violence and primitivistic techno akin to 80’s industrial, hardcore and rave they assemble a textured low-end beast hard to tame. ༺ SYMBYOSYS DJ's ************ Presale 6,- link: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1380865 Doors 10,- Limited Capacity Visuals by @bby.eco
  • Symbyosys - Flyer front