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    Terry Hunter Craig Bartlett Gareth Hopkins Zebulon Monks
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  • Walesï most glamorous house night return to the intimate surroundings of Wish to celebrate 8 years of real house. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, without which we would not exist! To help celebrate we are delighted to welcome the return of Terry Hunter. Terryrs hectic tour schedule along side his current single "I Will Follow You," has clearly solidified his impact in the music industry. When a plate is as full as Terryes you would think there would be no more time left in the day. He is now in the process of releasing new singles on his new label (Tbs Box) under the Music Plant umbrella for which he is A& R. Terry Hunter has firmly established himself as a DJ, Producer, and Remixer.
  • Lamerica - Flyer front
    Lamerica - Flyer back