Human Traffic Live & The House & Garage Orchestra

  • A live set with horns, strings and voices bringing a fresh attitude to your most loved floor fillers. Plus a selection of original vocalists that recorded genre-defining tracks, perform live with the orchestra! + surprise guests over the three feature Wednesdays! ‍ KOOPS RECORD SHOP Inside Koop’s Record Shop will be an extra special line up of guest DJs and artists over the course of the series. Expect some incredible faces pop up on the decks. __________________ Featuring 4 layers to our experience; HUMAN TRAFFIC.LIVE. THE SHOW. A manifestation of the film and the 90’s era with a surreal trip or two along the way! THEN.WE.PARTY. Each night showcasing different musical taste for Professional Party People. THE 90s CULTURE EXHIBITION To rave or not to rave? THEMED POP-UP, STREET FOOD & BARS Pregame surround by inspired sets from the Human Traffic Film. __________________ "THIS WILL TURN HARE KRISHNA INTO A BAD-BOY!" __________________ Tickets on sale now at:
  • Human Traffic Live & The House & Garage Orchestra - Flyer front